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May 7, 2021
v1k0u6 Wookie Barber
So crazy thing last night
I'm like, hey friends, why don't i go buy some hot dogs. They were like, yeah man. I'm like how many. Now this isn't the crazy part, but kinda crazy. My one roommate wanted two chili dogs, and the other was like, I just want mustard. I'm like "no chili?" and he's like, well how much are they? and i'm like, less than two bucks a dog. So he decided to get some chili on his.

So i head down to the Wienerschnitzel. and there are only two cars in teh drive through. But when i get up to the window, the guy is like, "our card reader isn't working" and i'm like OH, i only have ten dollars cash. And he's like, we'll just wait for the manager to return. and he shuts the window, with my CC. i'm like dang i might have just left. But he has my card, so i can't. Tricky teenager.

Anyways after like five minutes and concerned looks from him and his manager, he can't get the card to work, so i give him another card, and it works. So i'm driving home with 6 chili dogs (i know we're animals) and three small fries, well technically three orders of fries, probably about 130 fries total, and they were medium sized. Not super long like you get at Five guys, or microscopic like you get at In n Out, but i digress, i'm driving home, and this food truck pulls out in front of me, and he's going so slow. Man i had a bit of anger there LOL. so i'm like delayed by 2 minutes getting home. But i finally make it home and share the hot dogs with my roommates. And we watch some episodes of family guy. And it's really good humor, there is a murderous turtle, and Meg almost rufies Chris so a gay football player can sleep with him. Good stuff there, but here is the crazy part... people didn't finish their fries. I'm like, guys i sprang for some fries here and all you did was eat the hot dogs.

Man life sure is crazy sometimes.
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