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Jun 11, 2021
Jstak17 Truly Addicted User
Prejudicial? I’ve repeatedly said I don’t care if others hound hunt. Like
several times now. It’s not something I would do. Not sure how that is a prejudice. It’s just an opinion. Perhaps expressed poorly. But I’ve said that if others want to do it and it’s legal, go for it.

Funny that Cornellcoug and I have no issue. Many others seem to have taken offense. He obviously is a great sportsman. I was wrong to say otherwise.

Since you once thought it was a turkey shoot, maybe you can understand my feelings on it. Your opinions have changed. I haven’t had the same experiences as you. So what? My opinion has been “thoroughly dismissed” by who? Ten people that have disagreed with me from the get go? My opinion HAS changed as I’ve learned about it. But it’s still not something I would be interested in. I would suspect that the five states that outlawed hound hunts have their own management system. Maybe just more regular bear tags. And if you track and kill a bear without dogs? Now that’s a feat.

It’s just strange that some of you cannot accept a different opinion. Smart people can disagree. To me, it’s totally subjective. You probably think it’s silly the way cows are adored in Hinduism. I don’t need to get online and convince them it’s just a future T-bone steak. Its just different ways of seeing things. Sometimes it’s best to just agree to disagree. Maybe my mind will change. But it’s not going to be because everyone on cougarboard thinks a certain way.

I’m sorry, but this “everyone but you can see it so what’s your problem?” That’s not a good argument. The definition of group think. You and I both know cb is hardly representative of any state population.
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