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Jun 11, 2021
Logancoug Starter
I had that thought for many years. Then it happened.
It's the toughest thing ever.

Things I learned.
1. The Lord's thoughts are not our thoughts and the Lord's ways are not our ways.
2. The Lord is never closer than when you are feeling completely forsaken.
3. The Lord is pouring down blessings on everyone all the time. We're just too distracted to notice.
4. There is very little going on, of actual importance, in the world. Most of our day to day lives are filled with meaningless stuff.
5. The feeling of hundreds of people praying for you is incredible.
6. There is a very strong Celestial feeling and power that comes to those who suffer and go to the Lord with all their hearts for succor.
7. I just want to be kind. All the time now.
8. I really have a strong desire to relieve suffering in others. I never had it before. I can discern when people are suffering and I immediately want to help.
9. You aren't strong enough, but with the Lord's help, you are, and you become a much better version of yourself.
10. The Lord is extremely kind to those who suffer.
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