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Jun 13, 2021
Born2Fish All-American
So my wife took a flyer down the three
steps to the garage the other day when we were packing to move. She landed directly on her knee on the cement floor, as well as scraping up her lower leg and gouging a big toe.

She bruised pretty good but made it through the next two days then we left Florida and started driving to Oregon. The swelling has gone down and she walks fine, but she says something is floating behind her patella and catches occasionally causing severe pain. She's going in tomorrow for an x-ray and is convinced she has a broken patella. I told her it's damaged meniscus.

So the bet is she owes me $5 and has to call me doctor all day if I'm right. She gets $5 if she's right.

So what is it CB, will I be a rich doctor tomorrow night or will I end up broke and humiliated?
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