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Sep 14, 2021
Cougarbib Intervention Needed
How did the offense do in 1st Qtr. Did not do its job with 2 short fields handed
to it. Started slow vs AZ as well. This is troubling. Sorry that you can't see the issue.

Overall, the offense did its job. That job is to score 25+ points. Got it done. The defense gavecthem the opportunity to make it a blowout. That did not happen.

The defense did its job with a little more room to spare. It's job was to hold them to 24 or less. It held them to 17 even though the punt return ST gave up two huge returns and put them defending short fields. Otherwise, maybe U scores even less.

You may find it unpleasant being reminded if things you have difficulty accepting - but this analysis is quite factual and actual.
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