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Sep 26, 2021
BigHouse Coug Truly Addicted User
All the chastising of complainers about the defensive performance is getting n
nauseating. It feels like post of the day bait and a little virtue signal. Where do you think we are? This is CB for goodnesssakes. Complaining about complaining is no better IMO. I don't agree with over to the top reactions, but they are not that common. Realistically speaking we have to play better defense no matter how many injuries or excuses the chastisers come up with if we want to see 5-0.

This defensive performance is pretty concerning, no one should expect us to be totally oblivious without venting our frustrations while singing happy tunes about being 4-0 after disappointingly failing to meet many goals and expectations against one of the worst teams in FBS. Giving up 27 pts against a team like this, at home, is unacceptable.

It feels like the happy to be 4-0 crowd never believed we could do any better. As a lot of other CBers have said, "this feels like a loss", and that's okay to say out loud.
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