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Jan 14, 2022
1984coug All-American
If you were a D1 swimmer then there’s no way you’d say a hs pool in utah is
Better than BYUs.

None have deep water for the full length, none have proper warm up and cool down space, none of enough deck space. If you were a D1 swimmer, you’d know that mt view doesn’t have a pool- it’s the Orem rec center, which is 6 lanes. You’d know that skyline is about 4-6 feet deep at the most on one end.

Having helped Byu research within their parameters (after the decision was made to stay within the footprint of the building) Byus pool is better than the following:

Every high school and city pool in utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana.

Dixie state is only better because it is 50 meters. Colorado-mesa is the same way (these pools are identical)

Denver is 50 meter x 25 yards, Air Force is 50 meter x 25 yard.

Byu had a unique circumstance that in hindsight they should have just built a new building.

Byu is the only school and pool in the Rocky Mountain area (excluding Arizona state) that has 8 foot wide lanes, which is the FINA width. Byu has always packed their spectator seating for the high school championships and has gotten around 1500 to attend byu vs utah. They would get a few hundred to fill out their stands every meet pre covid.

I was not a swimmer, but know several that swam for byu and one taught me a lot about swimming in general and I consider him a very close friend. Since those moments, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to learn the sport and with the pool fiasco, I decided to actually learn what a good pool is vs a bad pool. Byu and Dixie have the best/fastest pool in utah. Dixie gets the edge because they’re classified as sea level so they can host big USA swimming events.

So, I find it amusing that someone who claims to have been a D1 swimmer, knows less about pools than a guy who has zero swimming experience, but has learned by simply researching and learning. Next time you want to lay smack on a byu facility, just remember, the college pool in the state that is behind high schools and cities is utah, not byu
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