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May 9, 2022
The_Cuss Starter
Okay, here are your statements and mental gymnastics
SlippinJimmy: I come to Cougar Board to show all the BYU fans how insecure they are with Utah University Football -> You are failing miserably here.... Wouldn't the most insecure fans go to the Utah sports board and fight with Utah fans about how much better BYU is than Utah? This requires mental gymnastics to not see the irony in this.

SlippinJimmy: I want you (BYU fans) to admit how crazy it drives you that you have scoreboard over Utah but they are still getting more national attention than BYU and you can’t handle it. -> You are failing miserably here as well. Utah is getting national attention, but do BYU fans honestly care? Nope. Is the attention based on that Utah team being the top team in the WEAK 12 (weakest P5 conference) in 2021? Yes. Does good business dictate that the leader of a conference should get national attention if the conference wants to be at all relevant in a give year? Yes. The media is throwing Utah a bone here so the PAC12 doesn't look as weak as it really is. Congrats on the "national attention" I guess... Again who here REALLY cares? You seem to be the one constantly reminding everyone about this national attention.

Your goal is to get BYU fans to admit how obsessed and crazy they are for Utah football. Yet you would think the most fanatic BYU blue Kool aide drinking fans would go to a Utah board because they are insecure and obsessed with Utah football....

So why wouldn't you focus on the fans that go to Utah sports boards instead of going to Cougar Board and ranting about Utah football to average BYU fans that wouldn't bother nor care for going to Utah sports boards?

You are like the crazy guy standing out in front of the temple or tabernacle buildings telling all the LDS members they are going to hell and to repent. You and those crazies would do a lot more good in the world if you just went and worried about yourself first. Look in the mirror, nobody asked for your help with their insecurities. Maybe go tell meat eaters and hunters how insecure they are about animals. PETA would love an online warrior like you!

Good Luck!

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