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Jul 4, 2022
Hawk Talons All-American
Utah in the Big 12: no thanks
Let’s review how we got here and why supporting Utahs inclusion in the Big 12 is weak.

BYU had an opportunity to join the PAC 10 in the 90’s and insisted on Utah being a part of the deal.

Utah had an opportunity to join the PAC 10 and took it knowing it was a way to obtain superiority over BYU.

Utah crapped on BYU at every opportunity during the independence years. From refusing to play us certain years and making our scheduling more difficult to proposing a 2 for 1 scheduling option with us.

For more than a decade they have looked down us, refused to even call us by our name and instead using a “team down south” phrase.

Their PAC-12 status has made recruiting more difficult and we finally did two things:

In a 24 hour period we beat their Pac-12 championship and Rose bowl football team and gained inclusion at the big boy table with the Big 12.

Excuse me for not being excited to offer them a seat at our table the moment they have a hint of insecurity. I hope the Big 12 moves forward without them and allows them to figure out the PAC-12 by inviting G-5 teams to the table. Their smugness, arrogance, and feelings of superiority are not welcome.
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