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Jul 6, 2022
MojosDojo 3rd String
I'm comforted by my daily perusal of the ASU Fanboard
In response to the article able the Pac and ACC teaming up:

"Titanic (PAC 12) captain ... "Guys we have hit an iceberg and are sinking but no worries, help is on the way .... Look it's the Lusitania (ACC) ... we are rescued!"

"I don't the pac can make any deals worth a crap right now"

"nobody cares about college football in those markets and the numbers show that. Baylor and OK St have better TV ratings that Stanford, ASU, and Boston College by a healthy margin."

The best one:

"A partnership with the ACC means absolutely nothing.
This is about the big name programs jumping ship and joining either the SEC or B1G (Oregon, Washington, Clemson, Florida State, Miami, UNC).
They can jump ship whether there is a partnership or not. This is about us getting the best terms possible with the Big12 before our position is weakened by other members leaving first.
If we stay right now, we are no better off than Oregon State or Wazzu. I don't think people see how urgent this situation is.
We are fighting for a solid contract against Oregon and Washington. The only way we get a good deal is if we beat them to the punch. We have the opportunity to be the Pac12 killers. It might suck, but this is business and our role as executioner is the only leverage we have.""

ASU fans, at least, seem to understand their situation. Seems like most support the Big XII
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