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Sep 21, 2022
Dan All-American
We should not be judging their moral character
Because someone leaves the team mid-season (whether it is BYU or Oregon, or whoever), the player is not automatically and absolutely to be called into question. Wait until facts start emerging. In the Holker case, Dallin's father and someone else closely related to Dallin (possibly Dallin himself or Dallin's father, but in any event someone apparently close to the situation) stated publicly that Dallin is transferring because the BYU system use of TEs just is not cutting it for Dallin. Ok, if they are admitting that that is why he is bailing, mid-season, when he is getting more targets than the average for BYU over the past handful of seasons, then yeah, I feel justified in chiming in with an opinion that that is a yewty choice by Dallin.
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