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Jan 24, 2023
Rise Against All-American
You have to have some pretty pessimistic goggles on to think that it has been a
net negative so far.

In order of biggest losses-
Tier 1 (guys I hate to see go and that we'll feel their loss)
Gabe Jeudy-Lally- in an already depleted cornerback group, losing a guy who was our #2 best rated defender and a guy who played every single defensive snap in our bowl game is a big loss.
Campbell Barrington- he had starting experience for us and still more years of eligibility. He was going to be a cornerstone of our o-line going forward.
Keenan Pili- I was really hoping he could come back and be 100% healthy and kick some butt for us at linebacker. Sucks to see him go, but glad he landed on a good team.

Tier 2 (guys I'm bummed about, but we'll be fine)
Logan Fano- big time recruit with a high ceiling. But he never played a snap for us and he's coming off his second ACL injury. We'll see if he can regain his explosive athleticism he had before this second ACL injury on the same knee.
Tate Romney- highly touted linebacker recruit. But, again, he never played a snap for us and reportedly was struggling to put on the necessary weight.
Clark Barrington- hugely productive guard for us. But everybody thought he was going to the NFL, so it's not really like we lost him. Nobody expected him back.
Dallin Holker- very productive tight end/receiver for us. But he was overshadowed by a more talented Isaac Rex, sucked at blocking, and has a terrible attitude. So he's actually probably more realistically a tier 3 when you consider what a cancer he was in the locker room.

Tier 3 (guys that are better off leaving and won't be missed at all)
Jacob Conover, Terrence Fall, Nathaniel Gillis, Tallin Togiai, Korbyn Green, Isaiah Perez.

Essentially we lost 3 guys that hurt and 4 guys that are so-so. And we lost 6 guys that are better off going elsewhere. That's 3-7 guys at most that hurt. But in turn we've gained 8 guys that are all going to not only start for us, but are going to be huge difference makers for us.

Slovis- very talented and proven qb that should thrive in the offense that ARod likes to run. Before he signed, we had nobody that we would want to run the position going into the Big12. With him, we are ready to compete in the Big12. High 3 star transfer rating, nearly 4 star.
Heckard- a highly talented cornerback that likely gets drafted after the next season. He has the ability to be our best cornerback in over 20 years. And it's a position of huge need with the departure of so many seniors and the transfer of GJL. Got a 4 star transfer rating.
Cravens- a solid interior defensive lineman that will immediately be the best guy we have on roster at DT.
Robbins- a very successful running back that we've been after for several years, 4 star transfer rating.
Maile- a great plug and play interior offensive lineman that will help shore up some immediate need for us for a year with the departure of the Barrington brothers.
Bagnah- a legit edge rusher than can help provide some more talent to a group that's been very underwhelming.
Lapuaho- nice to get a younger guy who has the ability to start for us for multiple years on the interior offensive line. I honestly consider him about the same as Campbell Barrington. Guys with upside and multiple years to play. He started last year at USU as a freshman. That's impressive.
Fitzgerald- a solid offensive tackle with a ton of starting experience. I don't care that it's FCS, he's good and he'll push to be our starting right tackle for game 1. The guy can play.
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