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May 31, 2023
Belboz All-American
I didn't want a dog
My family has had a little Yorkie since last November. Taking care of the little bugger is a lot of work and it mostly sucks.

Well, he started to walk with a little bit of a limp a couple of months ago. It wasn't too bad and it usually went away after waking around for a few minutes.

My wife and I went on a DC trip with our high school senior around Memorial Day. While we were gone, we put our dog in the care of a business that takes care of dogs while owners are out of town or whatever.

Well, that limp is suddenly awful. The little guy will hardly straighten one of his hind legs. He doesn't act like he's in any pain, but he runs around with that leg flexed up against his body.

Unexpectedly, I feel awful for the little guy. He seems normal other than perhaps being a little more sleepy, but it still bothers me a lot. It's just a stupid little animal. I've got real worries in life involving humans. I don't need this extra emotional drain.

...I don't even like the little guy...I write that as I snuggle up against him on the couch.
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