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Jun 9, 2023
SouthernBlueBlood Truly Addicted User
Too often people just suck. At Costco in Spanish Fork today picking flowers for
my MIL whose dog of 18 years given to her by her deceased husband just died. It was a horrible day. My wife was struggling as well and was telling me to get home fast. Costco at Spanish Fork was crazy busy. I walked up and asked this lady if I could move ahead and then I took a chance I could move to the front. Miracle no one said anything. Then this guy grabbing his street tacos wearing his cargo shorts called me out. I was taken back. I said something stupid like why should I wait. I don’t know I wasnt thinking. Then smug guy then enjoyed watching me just wait while I waited. I get it. I could have handled it better but some people think they just know everything.

I shouldn’t have said anything, and probably should have waited, but I was really bugged by his know it all holier than thou attitude.
If you act like this man, stop it right now!!
Rant over.
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