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Jun 9, 2023
DomCasual All-American
I can’t believe it. The Nuggets! I love sports (other than when I hate them).

The first Nuggets game I remember going to, I remember thinking how neat it was watching how the red, white, and blue ABA ball rotated when it was shot. We were not a wealthy family; but my dad worked at Martin Marietta, and he'd get free tickets to two home games a year. I so looked forward to those two nights. And then, KWGN Channel 2 would show maybe 15-20 games a year. I'd watch, and then replay the games from my imagination in our driveway (unless it was buried in snow).

They were rarely bad. But Doug Moe teams didn't really play a lot of defense. There were seasons where they averaged 10 points a game more than the next-best team. They were always fatally flawed, come playoff time.

Then, during the 90's, they WERE bad - to the point where it became humiliating. And they seemed to have more than their fair share of unique embarrassments - Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf turning his back during the national anthem; Dan Issel (an otherwise really decent man, and a Denver icon) yelling a racial slur at an angry fan; the Thuggets era. By then, I was married and living in Utah. So, I had to endure getting regularly thumped by the Stockton-Malone-Hornacek Jazz.

Times like this are why you stick it out as a fan. Even with teams I hate, I (almost) always feel happy for friends who I know have stayed loyal to their teams long-term - when their teams finally break through. Because even in the best circumstances, the vast majority of seasons are gut-wrenching failures. And every single loss takes you to a lower elevation. I don't care if it's 40 years, and your heart is calloused. The losses never stop driving you lower. But one ultimate win makes it all go away. And then you start over. It makes no sense. But every fan knows the futility. 

God bless you if you've read this long. I just feel giddy, and thought I would share. Because you wouldn't be here if you weren't fans yourselves. Just one more win. I can't believe it.

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