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Nov 20, 2023
Preppy All-American
How did he run this by his wife? "Hey, so, I'm gonna use all the pennies we have so I can get season tickets and attend
All road games. It might get tight, but I gotta do this."

Wife: "so, the rest of us just stay home? Do I get any girl trips?"

Dude: "no, in fact, we probably can't even afford me doing this."

Wife: "but, why?"

Dude: "cause, my grandpa was a fan (like almost all other fans' grandpas). He's dead now. I need to do this in his memory."

Wife: "what happens when we run out of money?"

Dude: "babe, I'll post an inspiring story of how important my fandom is and other people will pitch will become a thing, where people pay me to go to games...cause I'm a super fan."
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11/20/23 1:19pm

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