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Nov 29, 2023
SingleStrapBackpack All-American
Yesterday I experienced what I sincerely hope is peak Old Guy in the Gym Locker Room behavior.
I think it's well-known that old dudes love to be naked as long as possible in the locker room. Shower, dress slowly, read a newspaper, etc – the longer they can keep the oppressive threads off their bodies the better. Well, yesterday one of these wrinkled wonders took it up a notch. After Old Guy had been walking all over the place slowly in the nude for the entire time it took me to get in and out of the locker room, as I was walking out I passed a bench between a row of lockers where he was now sitting down (still nekkid of course), and he had a 3-4" blade pocketknife out and was using it to carve dead skin off his feet.

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