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Nov 29, 2023
jxncoog All-American
Health Insurance companies are the worst
Winding our way through what we are told is an agressive cancer treatment for my wife. The prognosis is good, the road to get there is tough. Everything is going to be fine.

We have the blessing/benefit of being double insured (for now) Along with the cancer diagnosis, she was assigned a treatment counselor by the primary insurer. That individual made repeated phone calls to the oncology department and then my wife. Apparently, there's a drug in the long list of drugs that the primary insurer has an issue with. The drug is administered via a shot the day after a chemo infusion to boost white blood cells. The counselor called and repeatidly expressed how she was there for my wife blah blah blah but that this drug should not require her to go into the hospital for the dose. She also suggested my wife could administer the shot to herself in lieu of an office visit. My wife expressed concern because after the first infusion, she went in the following day for the shot and the doctor found an issue that resulted in a weekend stay in the hospital. She has since gone in for multiple testing to get back on the chemo track. Had my wife been home and administered the shot herself, they never would have discovered the issue that resulted in the hospitalization. My wife basically told the lady that it wasn't in the best interest of her health to give the shot to herself without the care of doctor. So another week goes by and Miss "I am here to help you" calls and says, next infusion we'll cover the shot after the infusion but after that, you'll have to give it to yourself.

Our next call is to the insurance advocate for her company, but what else would you do?
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