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Dec 5, 2023
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It will be a boring bowl. Like the last time we played them. A few takes on that
I can't believe Utah is 8-4 after all the injuries, such a tough schedule and having inconsistent play at the most important position.

To potentially finish at 9-4 is strange because it's so similar to 2021 / 2022 10-4 seasons, yet it feels so different because of how anemic the offense was. If Utah beats NW, is that better than losing in a higher profile bowl to a top 10 team?

Barnes is in the transfer portal but will likely be the QB. Is that weird? Anyone else in that situation? If he doesn't have a destination of where to go by then...does he ball out hoping to market himself?

With Rising coming back, Utah is going all in to try and field a CFP contender. They have several strong starters, like Vaki, who may/will be courted by bigger names. Utah could be the program that returns 80%+ of their starters or that loses 5-6 key guys. We can get a feel by who plays and who doesn't...where the tea leaves are headed.

BYU isn't in a bowl but beating Arkansas and coming as close as they did with both Oklahoma schools, late in the season where depth matters, is all you need know. BYU is ready or super close to competing at the highest levels of the new Big 12.
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