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Dec 6, 2023
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Twitter drama between a coach and former player?
Anyone know what's going between Fesi and Ross Apo? Looks like Ross may have tweeted something meant to be some constructive criticism to Fesi, Fesi then blocked him, and now Ross is thinking Fesi is soft and fake or something? I'm sure Fesi would prefer any sort of constructive criticism given to him in private rather than publicly on Twitter so that part would be understandable, but nonetheless, things don't look so well publicly right now, as if a bridge may have been burnt now.

Ross trains a lot of local receivers at high school and college level. My concern now is if there really is any bad blood circulating between Ross and Fesi, will that affect some recruiting?

And could we see some unexpected transfers happen if any of our current receivers who train with him in the off-season feel like they have to take sides and side with Ross over Fesi?

Ross publicly stated not to come to him inquiring about any of his receivers and I'm assuming that was in response to what went down with Fesi. Or is this all much ado about nothing and both are likely to quickly reconcile behind the scenes?
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