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Feb 11, 2024
777 Living Rent Free In CB Heads
All kidding aside, Kelce knocking Reid off balance and dropping verbal bombs on
him, having to be pulled off was one of the most disrespectful moments in sports on its biggest stage. Nothing Andy could really do because Kelce and Swift are bigger than sports right now and he can do whatever he wants. Reid knew billions of money and millions of fans were there for the drama of Kelce/swift and there was nothing he could do. It was a sad moment for sports. I've seen many on here try to play it off like it was not a big deal. But Reid is 65 years old, with countless health problems, including knees and Kelce just hit him blindside and had to be pulled off by a teammate. At halftime one the analysts tried to bring it up as he was so disgusted by it and one of the other analysts quickly shut him down and changed the subject.

There isn't much Andy can say about it other than to play it off and ignore it. He's in a tough position there given Kelce fame. But others should most definitely raise heck about it. You simply don't see that hardly ever, and when you do see it, there is generally fines and consequences. But not for Kelce. He's untouchable. He'll even embarrass a senior citizen and physically challenge him during the Super Bowl. What a clownshow.
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