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Feb 21, 2024
kimdaddy35 Former Fly Half
Hot Take: Adam Silver is a lousy commissioner
Silver took over for Stern in February of 2014. His players like him more than any commissioner in any sports league that I can remember. Yet, here I am saying he is a lousy commissioner. Why?

1. He let politics into his game. TV ratings have been down ever since the players decided to cancel a game in the bubble because of an alleged incident (which was 100% false if I remember correctly). The whole black lives matter protests during the game turned off a lot of the public. Again many of the players loved him for it, but his job is to grow the game and increase revenue for the owners. This part failed. "Republicans used to buy sneakers too".

2. He has done a lousy job of marketing his best players, most of whom have been foreigners recently. Lebron James shouldn't have been the face of the league for the past few seasons, yet he is the only one you see. The one who gets the most national games. Next is Steph Curry who is a heck of a basketball player but hasn't been the best in the league in quite some time. The winners of the last 5 MVPs? Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid. While insiders in the game recognize these guys as terrific basketball players, they are not heralded like generations past. The sad thing is that Giannis and Nikola especially are Finals MVPs and just so likable. Why aren't they the faces of the league? They certainly should be.

3. Officiating is a huge issue with our league and you are doing what to help it? Officiating should be a completely separate entity from the rest of the league as to make sure there is no funny business. Officials should have to answer for their calls just like players do at the end of the game. While I know some officials have been suspended this year, why keep it a secret? Why not hold them accountable in the public eye? The officials in basketball are the most influential of any sport. Yet we constantly have to see poor officiating. Maybe if they could speak for themselves they could tell us why they give Giannis a technical for yelling after a dunk. Why Lillard just needs to throw his hands in the air for a foul call while others get hit and no foul.

4. Did you see the All-Star game? The league has focused so much time and energy on the in season tournament (which I have no problem with) and yet their All-Star game showcase is beyond a joke. All I keep hearing is they don't want to risk injury. Honestly what are the chances someone gets injured? (Possible but not high). Do these guys not practice? I have seen them all in pickup games, they don't play like this.

5. Your players need to play. 82 games can be taxing on your body. If your players can't do it (like the players of 40 years ago could) then shorten the season. Working a 9-5 job can be taxing as well yet the rest of us can't just sit out. There is no reason your guys should need rest just because they play 2 games in two nights. It isn't that much. Again if it is then you need to adjust your schedule. Fans deserve effort when they spend $500 for one night to see you play.

So again Silver has earned the admiration of his players. But many are still not tuning in because of policies he has allowed or not fixed. It is time to get to work.
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