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Apr 1, 2024
Senora Featherbottom All-American
Well, Karma is an absolute… wench
I had an important call on Friday afternoon that I absolutely forgot about.

When I realized too late, I told an absolute lie and said my son threw up at school and I needed to reschedule. My son hasn’t thrown up in years. Normally I don’t offer excuses but I needed a good one because I had no business missing this call.

On Saturday we went out to eat and he started feeling ill. He threw up a tiny bit right there at the table. Fortunately for everyone it wasn’t a full throw up and I was able to easily clean it up without anyone at the restaurant realizing it.

Then I needed to do a few things at my office so I took him with me. He went diarrhea (not a huge deal but office toilet paper is not great for cleaning up diarrhea) and then five minutes later, he pooped his pants right there in my office. And then went more diarrhea on the toilet.

Then we got home and he proceeded to do a full throw up all over my kitchen.

He woke up on Sunday morning feeling pretty good.

So yeah, lesson learned, I won’t tell white lies anymore.
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