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Apr 2, 2024
Coug Texan
In honor of the Tropicana hotel closing for good in Las Vegas...
My wife and I got married in May of 1998, we Honeymooned in Vegas, and mind you we were absolutely dirt poor. We were waiting for her visa to allow her to work and what I was making wasn't much at all. Her dad ended up giving us some money that allowed us to head to Vegas and spend 5 days there. Side note, my wife hit a small jackpot on a slot machine and we came home with like 5X's more money than we went to Vegas with.

My in-laws, when they came for the wedding, they all flew into Vegas and spent a couple of days there before driving up to Salt Lake for our wedding and drove back down after. They stayed at the Excallabur and thus gambled in that general area. We ended up meeting them for dinner on the 2nd day of our Honeymoon. Right before they left for the airport, my MIL purchase a suite for my wife and I at the Exalabur, and then she handed my wife tickets to the Folies Bergere show at the Toopicana, said that she won them or got them for free and figured she'd give them to us as a gift.

So my wife insisted we use them, and I kept telling her that this was a topless show and my wife kept saying, "There is no way my mom would give us tickets to a topless show". She thought I was joking the entire time, and I kept telling her I was serious that this was a topless show and I really didn't want to go see it. She was really adamant that it was not because her mom wouldn't give us that and we were going to use them so that her mom wouldn't get offended for not using them. So I was like... ok... let's do this... we go up to the ticket booth and I said, "closest seats to the stage". So we literally got front row seats... I kept laughing at her and she just thought I was just being dumb.

Well the show starts, and all the girls come out fully clothed, dancing and singing. My wife slaps my leg and whispers to me that I was a dang liar. Just about a minute or less later, with about 20 girls on the stage, all of them removed their tops and began dancing again and from that moment until the end of the show, every girl was topless. When they all removed their tops I had the biggest "told you so" stupid grin on my face. The look on my wifes face was absolutely hilarious.

So sometimes when my wife and I get into these funny disagreement where I know I'm right, I tell her, "Remember Folies Bergere?"
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