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Apr 2, 2024
ThugMormon All-American
So I had two talks with football players today and here are my takeaways
One, TJ Woods is making a big impact already. They are already calling more blocking protections out in spring ball than they did even near the end of last season. He is doing a great job of getting them ready.

Way more emphasis on identifying blitzes and stunts at the line of scrimmage. More emphasis on technique too

I’ll bet we see big improvements in the run game which will open up a lot of the play action we could get going last season. I wrote a whole two pages on wide zone and boot play action and how it needs to work.

Two, the battle at RG is more open and contested than I had previously thought. There are few guys there could get time. Spring ball reps were shared around between a lot of guys.

Three, Jake had a pretty good spring ball. Players think he lead well and played well. Gerry’s arm is looking better. One player said he thinks he is trusting his repaired shoulder more and throwing the deeper ball with more confidence. Treyson is the kid to keep an eye on. Kid can sling it all over. His tape shows him working the pocket really well. Extending plays from the pocket is a great attribute and it looks like he does it naturally. I still think Jake starts come fall. But I’ve been saying that from before spring ball. He has put in a lot of time with John Beck. Kid is a hard worker and keeps a positive attitude.

Four, the young guns. Three young guys were talked about by both players. Tre Alexander, Tommy Prassas and Pokaiaua Haunga. The DBs had a lot of picks and are being really teachable from the older guys on the team. Pokaiaua has been playing RB as opposed to the slot he played at Timpview. He looks like he may even get some time at RB. Keep your eyes on these kids as they are really good and can contribute this year.

**If you don’t want to hear about CougConnect stop reading here**

I’ve got a lot more but that’s probably all I will share for now. I just want to thank the supportive guys on CougarBoard. CB is behemoth of cougar fandom and power. And el jefe is super good about it sharing all of you with us at CougConnect.

If you haven’t heard about CougConnect you should check us out. We are a group of fans who started an NIL business at the request of players. We have helped create a lot of value for players and like to give back to fans too. I just helped a guy set up private lessons with a player for his son. It’s going to be a help to the player and his son is pumped too. I think a lot of our NIL has a win win element to it. Lots of subscribers feel they get good value for their subscription.

Lots of stuff like that goes unreported or unnoticed. But we are a nexus point for the players and fans who want to give back and support.

I’m sharing a link if you want to check it out. It’s el jefe’s link so we can follow traffic from CougarBoard. It’s not a link where I get a percentage if you use it. I know there was some confusion around that last time.

Anyone who wants to make the programs stronger by doing a little check it out. It all adds up to a lot. Go Cougs!!

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