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Apr 19, 2024
BYU Fan All-American
It will be fascinating to me to see what they are worth...
Especially where the money is supposed to come from 3rd parties and not the schools themselves.

Dallin Hall makes money for BYU by bringing in fans who buy tickets, watch games on TV, etc. Dallin Hall makes no money for me as Joe Fan. I do enjoy watching him play but I already pay BYU for that privilege through ticket sales, Cougar Club donations, etc. If players are going to get paid, the vast majority of the money should come from the universities who are making the vast majority of the money off the players.

I have no problem with Dallin Hall doing a TV advertisement or buying my kid a Dallin Hall jersey and Dallin getting a cut of the money but I'm really struggling with the idea that as a fan who wants to watching winning sports I should be donating to get a new QB, DL, RB, PF, PG, and SG just to watch them turn around and ask for more money next year.
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