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Jun 10, 2024
LeslieKnope Starter
Crossed paths with a terrible dog owner last night. I’m still stunned people can
Be so selfish and stupid.

Was walking at a field at an elementary school with my dog and some overweight dude was sitting at the top of a hill throwing a ball to his two off leash dogs. I keep my distance from people with other dogs in general, and was at the opposite end of the field. The guy begins to yell at me to turn around and go a different direction. Well, I wasn’t going to do that so I kept walking and he proceeds to yell at me that I need to learn to share the space and that his dogs will come bite my dog, and if they do it’s my fault. At this point I couldn’t help but yell back that he needs to learn to share as well and I’m gonna keep walking and that he needs to control his dogs.

There was another family there playing with their toddler son, and kudos to the dad, because he must have heard the whole interaction and decided to come over and confront the man. He starts yelling that dogs need to be on leash in basically every public area and that if his dog bites someone he will get sued and is liable. I yelled “thank you!” And “Exactly!” Because I felt vindicated and appreciated the dad for stepping in and the overweight dudes wife tells me to go do something vulgar to myself haha.

Things escalate and at this point the dad is yelling that he feels unsafe with the two unleashed dogs that apparently can’t be controlled and if they bite his kid he will kill the dogs. The dog owners end up getting their dogs in the car and leave.

Anyway, had to mostly vent. I probably should have just avoided the conflict and gone the other way to begin with but I am stubborn and didn’t really appreciate being told where I can walk in a public area. And who knows, maybe everyone will let me know I was in the wrong 😂
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