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Jul 9, 2024
44C Walk-on
BYU Basketball 🏀….right in the Middle of the Universe
BYU basketball for the most part…has been a bubble team on a good year historically except for Danny Ainge and Jimmer years.

Some bubble teams from other schools do make it to sweet 16 sometimes. At BYU that does not happen. Two really good teams made it that far. Jimmer and Tyler Haws as a Freshman almost took BYU to the elite 8 without Davies. We should have beat Florida that day. Everyone on earth saw Ainge take down Notre Dame.

There were probably 2 or 3 other years when they were a little better than bubble.

Last year they over performed. Got some national pub and choked in the tournament…not unlike most good byu basketball teams. (Not talking about Stan Watts era…didn’t watch them…understand they were great).

Pope leaves right when BYU is pretty much riding a media top wave other than the big dance meltdown. Pope had good rosters every year…some inherited and he brought in some dudes. Popes in game adjustments were horrid at times…9 year old kids even noticed. Pope was a very good recruiter. His overall offensive and defensive schemes were pretty solid last year…. although I am suspicious that may have more to do with his assistant coaches. That is also a credit to pope…allowing assistant coaches to have an impact.

Pope was a goof ball…after a big win a little endearing …after a head scratcher….kind of like the weird uncle that stays too long after holiday barbecue.

Pope leaves…the sky was not falling…the good ship Zion was taking on water and going down fast it was like the titanic but worse.

Enter Danny Ainge. Same dude that took us to the elite eight….many of the pieces were probably already is place…. we didn’t realize it …at any rate…this summer the 6 weeks after pope left were nothing less than miraculous. Things happened and dame fast. Danny, Ryan, Tom, Brian, Shane, The Real Big XIII in SLC. This was likely a bigger miracle than the Seagulls going after the crickets.

We are now projected right in the middle of the greatest college basketball conference of all time. That is insane. We are not top 3 in this conference. Top 3 in big 12 is top 3 in the world of college hoops. I don’t think we ever will be. But I’m excited as hail about BYU basketball 🏀.

This current big twelve is comparable to the big east in the eighties.

Kevin Young is bringing 4-5 dudes in one year that would potentially compare with the top 4-5 in the last 25 years

if you are in the top 9 in the big 12 right now. Anyone who seriously knows anything about basketball 🏀 knows that you are legit.

Kevin Young is just a Real Nice Surprise…a REAL NICE SURPRISE.

I would not be any more surprised if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet.

Win one game in NCAA tournament this year. It will be successful for a very competent first year coach.

Whether KY can coach or not doesn’t really matter. What he’s done more for the program this summer will be felt for years to come. Earned his money 💰 already. He has hired about 5 or six legitimate basketball coaches. (seriously, there are about five D1 caliber head coaching material coaches on this staff)…At least One of them will be able to coach….I have a notion Kevin will listen. Good leaders hire the best and then listen.

Win a game in the tournament and dudes will keep coming….put a guy in the draft…dudes will keep coming….hail put two guys in the draft.

Things are pretty rosy in Provo right now….enjoy it. Middle of the XII…Middle of the basketball universe….middle of the best time in BYU basketball history….I hope
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