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Jul 9, 2024
DansmithUVU 3rd String
Does your current job match what you want to be doing? Mine should!
I've been super blessed in my career. Way more than I deserve. It's a great life.

I grew up on a farm. My Mom did. Her parents did. Their parents did.

I left the farm at 18 and never looked back. My cousin took over the farm from my grandparents and him and his sons run the land and the cattle now. I'm just so envious. I knew I had it good when I was growing up, but I always thought I was meant for something "more". Now I realize maybe I was wrong haha

Now I'm 35. I went on a mission, chased a great education, and have a wonderful career, but I just long to be back now. I drove to Fairview yesterday for a funeral and it made me realize how much I miss it. I've had reminders before, but yesterday it just hit me differently. I wish my kids had a cow to milk, eggs to collect, lambs to walk, pigs to show, calves to bottle feed, horses to ride, sprinkler pipe to move, and hay to haul.

It was such a good way to grow up. My parents and grandparents weren't rich, but I know they were fulfilled. I became a city boy and married a city girl, so it'll never happen, but a guy can dream!
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