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Friends Lists

Friends lists allow you to have more private interactions with other board members. You can also choose to automatically follow posts from your friends.

NOTE: While the same rules still apply to friends-only (FO) posts, they are not moderated by the moderators in the same way as the rest of the board. It is expected that the owner of each FO group will self-moderate their group to ensure that the rules are enforced on their list.


People that you have added to your friends list, and when they last logged in or posted. These people will see any posts you make to your "Friends Only" group.

You may have up to 80 users on your friends list. Moderators and appeals committee members do not count against this limit. You currently have 0/80 (not including 0 moderators or appeals committee members).

Users in gray have a pending invitation from you, but have not accepted it yet. Users in red have rejected your invitation to join your friends list.

Want to be friends

People that have added you to their friends list. If you accept their friend request, you will see posts that they make to their "Friends Only" group. They will only have access to your "Friends Only" posts if you also add them to your list.