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Post of the Day Today, April 1st
Nominated Posts Author
It's not April Fools Day if TNT isn't moderating the board. 7 John Doe
If God wanted us on the metric system, Jesus would have had 10 Apostles. 4 WDaddy
Shaq called....I gotcha kid. 3 ordinary tri guy
RE: Seems like you’re having a tough time since Trump was indicted. 3 yorksama
2023 Alumni Game Play by Play results: 2 Zoobieman
RE: Hit me up next time. On stuff like today, I usually go by myself too. 2 ryebrye
Excited for a backup PG breaking bank on our NIL budget so early in the year? 2 SinkingQuffa
At this point, my kids have played basically every sport available. Kids hockey is by far the most fun kids sport to 2 YIsForBrigham
I do not give AI permission to hack my internet. Repost this to prevent AI 2 DieHarder
There is nothing CBers do better than take offense. 2 smr
Come on Aztecs, you gotta rep the PAC8 better than this! 2 neboutefan
Let the fun begin, just spent two hours setting up pranks and successfully 1 The_Minister
Wow, pretty crazy that the church is buying USU and will become BYU-Logan, crazy 1 Magneto
Also the original Ben Hur, which was my favorite one. I didn't know for a long 1 Fdnman
Good one El Jefe, mixing up everyone's FO lists like that for an April fool's 1 Cru Jones
I have 4 kids and two of them are daughters. Every time I hear a song about a father and daughter it makes me a freaking 1 Nuke
If you’re posting about women’s basketball 1 RockyBalboa
Her court vision hurt them more than all the other magic she brought yesterday. 1 SinkingQuffa
So you made a poor financial decision on an adopted cat and you want to blame 1 Chester Copperpot
April Fools is the worst 1 Gustav
General conference flyover 1 Nathanael Greene
MedUte confirming all the U stereotypes in one post. 1 Blue for Life