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Time: Saturday, September 6, 5:30pm
Location: Austin, TX / Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

TV: FOX Sports 1
Radio: Cougar IMG Sports Network KSL 1160 AM / 102.7 FM BYU Radio - Sirius XM 143

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Today, 12:08am
Today, 12:02am
Oh unlv (short)
Aug 29, 11:22pm
Aug 29, 11:18pm
Aug 29, 11:16pm
Aug 29, 11:18pm
Today, 12:03am
* and me (nm)
Aug 29, 11:44pm
Texas (nm)
Aug 29, 11:17pm
UConn (nm)
Aug 29, 11:17pm
Tulane 09 (nm)
Aug 29, 11:21pm
Oklahoma (nm)
Aug 29, 11:55pm
Aug 29, 11:20pm
Me too (nm)
Aug 29, 11:26pm
Aug 29, 11:09pm
+ChopperDave (short)
Aug 29, 11:14pm
Aug 29, 11:08pm

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BYU vs Texas Alumni Tailgate Sep 6th at 2:30pm

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