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Oct 22, 2014 - 8:21am
Subject line pointed to all those I feel are wrong. "To all those who think...." 41 36
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First paragraph giving my backstory. Examples would include something along the lines of "I used to watch with my dad when Danny Ainge was playing". "My family traveled thousands of miles by handcart to watch Marc Wilson". "I saw the Miracle Bowl on a 14 inch black and white TV when I was living in a village in West Africa". This paragraph will show that I am a passionate fan because I have a history. How can anyone not see my side once they hear I have been a fan since my childhood and I have great memories of BYU sports? I will write this paragraph in a dramatic, inspiring way as if it should have music from Saving Private Ryan playing in the background.

I will now write a paragraph pointing out how crazy I think you all are because of all the obvious reasons we are losing. Ya see, I'm mature enough to understand that we are supposed to be losing to poor MWC teams because we have injuries. I'll say something about how we have backups playing all over the field and, really, the fact we played Nevada and UCF and Utah State as close as we did is a miracle considering we have a QB playing who can only muster 400 yards passing against the last team we lost to. How can we win with that? 12 yards a carry from our 5th string running back? We're supposed to win with numbers like that? You guys are crazy. I'll talk about how losing our Heisman QB is why we are losing but not make mention of the fact our defense was broken in week 3 because you guys just don't get it. This has nothing to do with coaching.

I'll write a paragraph about how I will be sitting in the snow watching Savannah State because that's the kind of fan I am. I'll talk about how my wife is going to make pulled pork or something because it's tradition and we all throw on our Quest for perfection t-shirts and watch the away games together and we can't think of a better way to keep our family close. Our kids will look at me in the eye and joyously say how much they love me and hope they can watch BYU football together as a family forever. I'll make a statement about how this is why I love BYU football. My hope is if I can just show a bigger purpose behind it all, you all will understand that it doesn't matter if we lose or not.

Finally, I'll make one last parting shot. Something like "You guys can complain all you want. There are enough real fans out there that appreciate Bronco and what he's done. You guys should just go cheer for the Utes (only I'll spell it yewts of course)".

This template seems to be effective in rallying those on your side. I just figured I would help out if anyone else wanted to write a long, boring post about how everyone is crazy for complaining about this season.
Originally posted on Oct 22, 2014 at 8:21am
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