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Jul 11, 2011 - 3:19:10pm
RE: how do you get a red card in volleyball?

Volleyball: A red card is used to indicate the expulsion of a player or team official and can be issued by the
referee for the second instance of rude conduct or the first instance of offensive conduct.[12] Expelled players must leave the playing area and remain in the penalty area for the remainder of the set. If an expelled player cannot be legally substituted, his/her team loses the set.[12] A red card shown together with a yellow card indicates a participant has been disqualified and can take no further part in the match.[12] In the NCAA, red and yellow cards in the same hand indicate that the player must sit out the rest of that game, while red and yellow cards held apart indicate that the participant is disqualified and must leave the playing and spectator areas.

In beach volleyball, where each team is composed of only two players, red cards can still be issued for offenses similar to that of regular volleyball, but instead of ejecting the offending player, the opposing team is usually awarded service and a penalty point.
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