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Mar 6, 2012 - 12:57pm
I looked at the list with the perspective of leeriness.
Auto Mechanics makes me more leery than the other groups.

My personal experience with lawyers shows they mostly try to do good.
Real Estate Agents are fairly harmless if you're a sophisticated person.
Used car sales is a crap shoot, and you shouldn't rely on the words of a salesman

Auto Mechanics have you over a barrel, with unwatched repairs, and "while I was in there" expenses that make sense to the normal person.
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Yes. (nm)
Mar 6, 12:09pm
Insurance. (nm)
Mar 6, 12:15pm
Mar 6, 12:35pm
agree (nm)
Mar 6, 12:36pm
Mar 6, 12:25pm
Gold's Gym (nm)
Mar 6, 12:44pm
Mar 6, 12:46pm
Mar 6, 1:19pm
Mar 6, 1:19pm
Mar 6, 4:57pm

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