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Mar 7, 2013
So I had a disgusting experience this morning
A few months ago, my dentist was on a camping trip with his family when his tent was attacked by a bear. Fortunately, my dentist was able to frighten off the bear before his wife or children were harmed. Unfortunately, however, his right arm was injured so brutally in the attack that it needed to be amputated.
With the loss of his arm, he retired so I needed to find a new dentist.

I had my first appointment with my new dentist earlier today. When I first entered the dentist's office, I took a step back outside of the door to check the address. From the look of the waiting room, I doubted that I was in a dentist's office. It looked more like a small book store. The door clearly had the dentist's name printed across it so I stepped back inside.
Apparently, the dentist is also a wannabe author and uses his waiting room walls to promote his books. Whatever.
I thumbed through a copy of one of his books while I waited in the waiting room. It seriously didn't look too bad.

Eventually, I was guided to a smaller room where I was seated in a dental chair. As the hygienist started to clean my teeth, she leaned toward me a little close and nervously whispered to me. She warned me that the dentist doesn't wash his hands after using the restroom. He claims that it's due to an skin condition that also prevents him from wearing gloves. She then handed me a small bottle of a powerful mouthwash that she assured me would clean any nastiness left in my mouth from his hands.

Yeah, it seemed a bit weird that she'd admit to an issue like that in her office.
She explained that she thinks it's best to be safe than sorry and that patients should be aware. She also told me that the dental assistants in the office are also aware of the issue and they are prepared to be very liberal while suctioning.

I'm normally an easy going guy so it seriously didn't worry me much. I even chuckled about it to myself as I waited for the dentist to come in and check out my teeth. When I saw him, however, I no longer thought it was so funny.
The dentist wore a white tshirt and raggedy looking jeans. The tshirt was riddled with what appeared to be chocolate fingerprints.

I reluctantly opened my mouth and allowed him to poke around. He insisted on re-cleaning them himself and I got the feeling that he was doing it to get on the hygienist's nerves. When the hygienist handed him off to me, I could feel the tension between them.

As the seconds with his hands in my mouth progressed, I felt increasingly disgusted. Fortunately, a dental assistant was right there to suction out my mouth but it wasn't enough. To beg for more suction, I gagged repeatedly. I needed every trace of his filth out of my mouth.
Of course, the dentist's impatience was obvious, but I couldn't help myself. No gloves. No hand washing. Chocolate fingerprints. It was too much.

When the contamination was finally finished, I raced out of the office and flushed my mouth repeatedly with the mouthwash but I can still feel the dentist's filth in my mouth.

Have any of you had experiences like that with a dentist? I'm definitely not going back there, but I've wondered if there's something I should do to warn other people away from him.



There's my boy.
Originally posted on Mar 7, 2013 at 9:26:36am
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