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Sep 19, 2013
Actually mine... It's a doozy
So I met this girl while a Freshman at BYU. I knew I was going on a mission and didn't want a g/f,but to really complete this story I need to back up a bit.

I was dating this girl who lived in Ogden. It wasn't a serious thing for me, just fun. She was a 23 year old lingerie model, ( who later was a stripper/showgirl in Vegas) A complete blonde ,blue eyed,buxom, Bomb shell, who was obviously less active. i thought i could get her back on the straight and narrow.

I would spend teh weekends with her in Ogden..As a freshman at BYU, I thought it was fun and kept me from getting into a serious relationship. One Saturday there is a knock at her apt door. She tells me to answer it. I do. Two Elders are there. I tell them to come in. i tell them I'm at BYU and planning on going on a mission soon. I also tell them my girlfriend is less active and her room mate is non lds and could use their instructions. The girls decide to take the discussions.

I see the Elders a couple more times and I could tell they didn't think i would make it to my mission by spending the weekend with the hot 23 year old lingerie model. I agreed and broke up with her. Too much temptation for an 18 year old.

To avoid getting into a serious relationship,I would drive from BYU to Ricks to see my cuz on the weekends. One trip up I met this girl, we clicked instantly. She dated a ton, but hadn't kissed a guy in over a year. Meanwhile she kissed me teh first day we met.

She decided to spend the summer in South Carolina with me. I was living with my Uncle , who was my Bishop at the time so it was cool. She was from Oregon/Utah and had never been east and never been to Disney World,which of course I took her too.

She REALLY wanted to get married. Was wanting to move back east everything.I got my mission call and
due to moving had my Mom read it to me over the phone. When she said I was going to Utah Ogden, I was a bit shocked. I thought,wait, "teh MTC is in Provo". " This means I'm going to UTAH?" Well, the girlfriend was ecstatic, because that is where she was from!

We were very serious so i asked my Bishop what i should do? He talked to the Stake President and they both said because I had a serious relationship with a girl who lived in my mission, I could ask for another call if I wanted. i prayed about it and decided to take the call anyway.

So I put the Girlfriend on a plane back to Ricks one week before I went into the MTC. She was still all about marriage. She wanted a ring, but I said, no, if you are here when I get back, we will go from there.

I went into the MTC and all of a sudden, from a girl who I got a letter from EVERY day over teh summer, I got nothing. For three weeks, nada. My cuz, whose girlfriend was her BFF told me the day before I was going to Ogden that the reason I had not got any mail was because she had met someone and was engaged from what he had heard..all within four weeks!So I go to Ogden. I open up a new apt. with my comp who is DL. The first day, there is a letter in the mailbox from her telling me she had met someone. It wasn't even MAILED! It was put in the box!

So That night we get a call from a family saying they had a
19 year old young man from NC who was interested in taking the discussions. Both my comp and I were from the Carolinas so we thought PERFECT!. BTW I was devastated by the letter.

We go to the appointment and I commit teh kid to baptism on the first Discussion! My comp thought it was nuts. He had never seen or heard of anyone doing that. I got a nickname because of it.
As we were leaving, on a Spiritual High we discussed the family and discussion. I made the comment that the mother of teh family reminded me of my EX.

Fast forward a few months. This family has become a Mission MOM family. We are over there a ton. I am teaching Sunday school to their oldest sons class when he says"Girlfriends name" sure looks good in that picture. The kids had asked about the Dear John and wanted to see pics of the Girlfriend..which I still had in my wallet..

I said , " I don't remember telling you her name". " How do you know her name". He fesses up,well, She's my cousin!"
In this case that meant a little bit more. His Mom was her Moms TWIN sister and because of her family realtionshions, she lived with this family and was mostly raised with him. IOW. I had been teaching in her HOME!

The night I walked into their home to teach the first Discussion, they had two pictures of me on their hearth by the front door from me and the girl at Disney land. As they shook my hand and realized that the Elder who came was me, they flipped the pictures upside down and decided to not tell me. When I broke the news to teh Mom, she broke down and said they had no idea of how to tell me after they got to know me. They had invited me over for Christmas and had told my ex to not come home! They said that I was soo much better off without her and that she had issues that I didn't ever see or know about.
Of course being a twin, the lady looked a lot like my ex as well.

Remember the first girlfriend? Well this same area is where she lived! So i tracted her out. She had moved but her room mate was still there and was not yet baptized... I taught her and she changed and got baptized!
Six moths later at a District meeting the ZL's who had been comps before adn were both going home next transfer were telling stories to make us other Elders Squirm. They were talking about the girls they planned on coming back to date and who was the hottest girls they met on their mission. I know really appropriate huh? So one pipe up and says, Hey remember that blonde in the apts, in "such and such"? His comp chimes in oh yeah. She was Smoking Hot. One Elder says She was a stripper to us..trying to shock us. I said, Yeah, " Julie was Incredible wasn't she?" There was a pause as they looked at each other puzzled..then the lights went on and they said, " Hey , you were the dude who spent the weekend with her and was dating her"? I said yup! My current ZL's were the two Elders I let in teh door a year prior while a Freshman at BYU! They said there is no way we thought you were ever going on a mission sleeping with her!

I said Here I am. .and laughed.
I ran into Julie at the end of my mission. She had been married and divorced and was going to Church. My Trainer/DL comp who was with me when i committed the guy on the first Discussion in the home of my Dear John gf?? i taught him the discussions at the end of my mission as well. He was a non member by then and was looking for guidance back...
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