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Apr 21, 2015
Laptop for Kate Kelly. Note: this only works if you start your own religion...
So today Kate Kelly (founder of ordain women) did a GoFundMe for herself. Hint: when you do it for yourself it's not a charity, it's mooching. Apparently she "needs" a laptop so she can better serve mankind. And if people are generous she needs a really nice laptop. And if they are really generous she'll donate the remainder to her "pet charity" which she also just happens to be CFO of (so she pockets the money). This makes me sick on so many levels, but it's also kinda funny. Wasn't there a book of mormon prophet that did basically the same thing? (things didn't end too well for Nehor). Here's the entire gofundme including the updates asking for more... and more... and more... (she's "raised" $1528 so far). http://www.gofundme.com/sjkfpg

My laptop has been on the brink for several weeks & it has finally died. I took it to the Mac store & the 'genius' said it would be several hundred dollars to fix & since it's so old it will continue to have issues. The repair would also take over a week & I'll be going back to Kenya next week. He suggested I buy a new laptop. (I have had them do difficult repairs before, so I know that's not always what they suggest.) I LOATH asking for money and cannot think of something I'd less like to do, but I recently had to pay an unexpected ticket of over $1,000 to fly home to Utah to see my dad after open-heart surgery & this is the worst possible time for my laptop to die on me. I don't have the cash to use to replace it. If you have a few bucks to spare, please donate. It not, please share this campaign. I will use this new laptop for my gender justice work, both as an activist & professionally (and to watch RuPaul's Drag Race online and obessively follow wax-print fashion blogs, of course). I *need* a new laptop. The laptop I *want* to purchase is an 11-inch MacBook Air. Are there cheaper laptops out there? Yes. (note the use of the word 'want'). The MacBook Air fits my needs best for several reasons:
-There is no learning curve as I've been using this laptop type for six years.
-It is small enough to easily conceal in my purse as I travel with it to various places with serious security issues.
-It provides the functionality for what I need and I can use it in the field.
-Purchasing a new laptop at the Mac store, they can use a 'sled' to transfer all of my current data from my dead laptop to the new one.
Many thanks to any/ all who are able to throw me a few coins. I truly, truly, truly appreciate it. It will be a huge relief to recover my data and be up & running again.

Update 1: THANK YOU so much for the OVERWHELMINGLY quick amount of support! I honestly can't believe it. I have added a 'stretch goal' to the total for the amount of $249.00 for an AppleCare Protection Plan for the MacBook. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!

Update 2: WOW. Incredible. These fundraisers really bring out the best side of the world wide web. I am SO astounded by your love & support. Due to the incredible generosity, I've updated the goal to a new 'stretch goal' to purchase a 13-inch : 256GB $1,199.00 & AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook 13" MacBook Pro at $249.

Update 3: You.people.are.incredible. Thank you so much for your kind words of support and your spectacular munificence! I want to let folks know that I will donate all money in excess of my stated goal ($1,448) to my pet charity, Ordain Women. If you are donating to this campaign, you are likely familiar with the work we do at Ordain Women to fight for gender justice, but for the latest updates please visit www.ordainwomen.org ! Again, many, many thanks. I was tossing & turning last night trying to figure out how I was going to resolve this, and I am so grateful for everyone who has donated. There are so many wonderful ways to give, and I'm in awe that you chose to lend me a helping hand today.

Update 4: How I'm feeling today after the incredible response to this campaign today: https://youtu.be/StTqXEQ2l-Y EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!



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