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Dec 29, 2015
Shaka Walk-on
RE: Back to Royal!!

If Kalani is 40 and that's not old any more, then my being 37 is not old. And I want ROYAL BLUE, dag nabbit! Navy Blue is boring as crap.

Plus, as much as I like the stretched Y logo, come up with some cooler stuff, or at least some variations on the theme, for the love of Pete! Sure, we've got the "Freshman Cap" (Sailor hat) Cougar, which is the coolest of our logo pallette, but about 20 other programs have a similar sailor capped angry mascot logo. Bringing back the old swiping cougar logo has been a good thing, but maybe update it a bit, without going to the Crowton-era cartoons. I think we can have a classic look with updated graphics and fonts. And, having worked at BYU, I know how difficult it is to do stuff like this, so I don't expect much.

By the way, if you've ever been to a Fanzz store or any other sports apparel store, the U has more stuff, more variety, and is always up in the front of the store. Why? Partly because they're in a P5 conference and have fielded winning teams, therefore they have had a better following for the past 10 years. But, I would also argue that it is because they have better graphics options to choose from. They've got that stupid pregnant chicken mascot (Swoop), the toilet bowl U (aka, block U), the old copy&pasted U over U logo (aka, the heritage logo), and the mullet (drum & feather). Plus, they adopted black as an unofficial/official color. Lame. (BFBS-Black for Black's Sake)

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