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Jan 12, 2016
Michael McQuain All-American
Captain Obvious alert: the BYU/UU cancellation is just a symptom of something
MUCH bigger.

Turnpike Lane's post down the board a bit is EXACTLY correct. MANY of the most vociferous, vitriolic, hateful, bigoted anti-BYU comments on message boards and article comments sections applauding Hill and 80K come from "supposed" diehard Ute fans, who, in reality, ARE just counter culture hipsters and NOT real sports fans, and probably don't know the difference between charging, pass interference or high-sticking.

I fully believe this situation with the cancellation of the rivalry is just the tip of the iceberg of a long-festering problem in Utah exacerbated by the rapidly changing morals and values of society. SLC electing a gay Mayor, LDS Prophet/Apostles doubling down on rejecting gay marriage, etc. are rallying points for the PC, protestors, change-agents, religion-baiters and specifically, ANYONE, who has ever at any time in their lives had a beef with the Church or been yewt-hurt by someone at Church and demonized an entire religion because of one interpersonal interaction.

This ISN'T about just cancelling a rivalry game because of a sucker punch. Oh sure, right now, in this moment, that's the narrative we are all being forced to confront from 80K, Hill and now, apparently, even the Utah President. But dig a little deeper. WHY are those people taking such a hard, wildly unpopular stand on this? I think we have a good idea about why and it's because Utah wants to eventually sever ALL ties with BYU in ALL sports. Those making these calls are not LDS, and have no desire to co-exist peacefully and productively in this state as far as college sports is concerned. It's symptomatic of the "infection" spreading here in Utah as the Church and anything/anyone connected with it is being further and further vilified and ostracized by the changing morals and values of society.

And last point -- I fully agree with those who say the Church G.A.s, powerful LDS donors and even Utah alum legislators are completely out of touch with the reality that the Utah they attended and fondly remember and support in NO way resembles the UofU which exists today in terms of philosophy, political leanings, demographics, leadership etc. I wonder how the LDS kids at Utah, the ones who by all accounts have a very strong & vibrant institute program, can help but feel marginalized if not outright discriminated against by the pervasive religious bigotry which is a rising tide on that campus?

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