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May 10, 2016
Bobmarleyjr Walk-on
NO MORE BYU to PAC 12. Never going to happen. Articles citing religious issues
I posted this before on some threads about BYU going to PAC 12 but I apparently the word didn't get out So I'm doing a specific thread about PAC 12 never inviting a religious school including Baylor. PAC 12 will never accept BYU or any other religious school (except Notre Dame). There's no reason to even debate this.

The Pac-12 has made it clear it wants no part of BYU and its Latter-day Saints church associations.

During the conference expansion activity over the past few weeks, without saying so publicly, Pac-10 officials have made it clear that the LDS church's involvement in the passage of California's Proposition 8 marriage initiative will not go unpunished.

BYU is not likely to ever be a part of the Pac-12. The California schools are dead set against a religiously-affiliated school in the conference, and they already have their regional market with the addition of Utah to the conference. BYU fits from a competitive environment, but its religious ties hold it back.

He said that despite what Pac-10 officials say publicly, BYU's religious ties will keep it from ever receiving an invitation.
"It became very clear [in discussions with the Pac-10] that what we were dealing with was good old-fashioned religious discrimination that was masquerading as academic snobbery," said the source, who wished to remain anonymous because of his continuing relationship with BYU. He said he expects the "climate to be even more divisive now" due to hot-button social issues such as abortion and gay rights that have BYU at odds with the more liberal-leaning Pac-10 schools.
"Stanford, Cal-Berkeley and one or two others would absolutely have a heart attack if BYU was admitted into the Pac-10," he said.

BYU was not viewed as a good fit in the mid-1990s when the league considered expansion, and I asked a well-placed source if there had been any change in that view. “No change,” he said.
In fact, best I can tell, nobody in the Pac-10’s chain of command, from the CEOs down to the coaches, is interested in BYU for the following reasons:
* The presidents and chancellors of the secular Pac-10 schools are wary of joining forces with a church-affiliated school (any church-affiliated school).

Mendenhall goes on to explain that the Pac-12 took Utah over BYU because the conference "made it very clear that it did not want a religious-based school."

BYU is a conservative, religious school, which doesn't have the same "academic freedoms" that the Pac-10 holds dear.
BYU is owned and run by a Church which supported Proposition 8, and generally advocates different principles and ideas than those of Pac-10 institutions.

As a result, they are making open overtures to the Big 12 Conference, as it seems the most likely geographical fit, as well as the fact that many of the Pac-12 schools just plain don’t like BYU. The Pac-10 Conference refused to play BYU in the 1970s due to the the priesthood ban, and the fact is that many schools such as Stanford and UCLA are much more liberal politically and just don’t want to worry about BYU.

The argument against BYU is threefold:
First, as a religion-based institution, it would not be a good “fit” with the Pac-10 and its notoriously liberal schools such as Stanford, Cal, and the entire state of Oregon.
Second, it is not a research institution.
Third, the Mormon religion has been politically active, especially against gay marriage, giving the pooh-bahs of the Pac-10 a queasy feeling in their tummy—political activism, can’t have that!

“some schools in the Pac-10, including California-Berkeley, have a real issue with adding an institution with religious ties like Baylor to the conference.”
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