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Dec 28, 2017
Doozy Playmaker
Any HVAC guys here that can check my wiring of Ecobee4 and Aprilaire Humidifier?
I'm trying my best to combine like 4 different wiring diagrams, but I have no idea if this is right. My house is at 7,500 ft and my kids are getting bloody noses and we all have very dry skin (my 5-yr old has eczema). I just got the last part and I'm going to try to attempt the wiring right now.

I'm doing a 2-wire option with my ecobee4.

I'm not using the manual humidistat because the thermostat takes its place. The Aprilaire 4851 Relay is supposed to allow me to add humidity without heat (turn on humidifier and fan blower but not heat). The diagram for the Aprilaire relay says I should disconnect green wire to thermostat.

Here's my idea of how to wire this thing. I'm not sure if I still need the C wire to the thermostat and furnace control board.
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