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May 15, 2018
Cougar76 All-American
This is why I'm not heartbroken over the Trib's problems (not happy for anyone
losing their job, but I can totally understand where Jackson Emery is coming from).

The Trib's consistent coverage of all things LDS vs all things 'any other group or religion' is well documented and disgusting. To say they have a bias or a double standard would be an enormous understatement. But when it comes to BYU vs U of U (either the universities or their sports programs), the double standard is equally sickening. Look at how they covered the U's swimgate (Holmoe would have been fired immediately for the same behavior and the Trib would have won a Pulitzer reporting on it), Marshall Henderson and Rose and Jackson Emery's response vs the same exact scenario with 80K and Brandon Taylor's reactions, Whittingham's son stealing a phone, Ute player DUI's, etc. vs its coverage on BYU's sockgate, Nick Emery (staking out a basketball practice to see what car he drives, calling his ex-wife to get dirt-holy cow, that's National Enquirer level crap). The list goes on and on and on.

One of the worst examples was when the Trib wrote a front-page article on how BYU had airbrushed out Rafa Araujo tattoos from its media guide which was coming out the next day (all without any confirmation from BYU), stating that BYU is hypocrital; using a non member to play on its team but being ashamed of 'who he is'. Huge article. Made national news and was a huge black eye. We even discussed here on Cougarboard how shameful it was. Well, the next day when BYU fans receive the basketball media guide in the mail, it is discovered that they didn't airbrush out a single tattoo, and the media guide actually had several pictures of him with the tattoos shown prominently, and the only pics with him and no tattoos were the pictures of him during his first year when he had no tattoos. The next day, the Trib issued a 'correction' on page D47 that no one read. The only people that had been interviewed were asked nothing specific about Rafa, but general questions like, "do you ever airbrush any of your photos?" They were genuinely blindsided and shocked by the article, and of course it was completely false. An absolute fabrication. They hadn't airbrushed one single tattoo. But by that time, the damage was done and it was national news. I still saw comments about Rafa 2 years later about BYU airbrushing out his tattoos, and probably 4 or 5 years later a Ute fan mentioned that article as a reason why 'he hates BYU-because they're such hypocrites'. Mission accomplished for the Trib. Their goal is to make BYU and the church look bad, and they do it by any means necessary. Again, to say the Trib is biased or has a huge double standard would be a big understatement. I hate the Trib. If there was an anti-semitic newspaper out there or an Aryan race paper that was failing, everyone would applaud its demise. I don't see any reason why we should feel guilty for feeling zero sympathy for the Trib.

It's easy to see why the Trib is failing and the Deseret News is surviving. The Deseret News covers both the Y and the U pretty well. There's no double standard. There's no axe to grind. They're smart enough to realize that it's bad business to alienate half of your potential readership. As a BYU fan, I'm not going to boycott the DesNews because they write a glowing article about Huntley or 80K. LDS Ute fans know they can trust the Deseret News when it comes to covering their team. People are smart. Even small children are good at seeing hypocrisy and double standards. Again, I'm not happy that anyone is losing their job and going through that difficult time-even the anti-Mormons at the Trib, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over seeing a terrible organization reaping what they sow. An organization that has had zero problem going the extra mile to ruin the lives of people like Nick Emery and others (who all just happen to be affiliated with school and church that I love) is getting no sympathy from me. Good riddance Trib. I hope you die and that all of your reporters quickly find employment elsewhere.



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