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Sep 13, 2018
El Paso Coug All-American
One of my son's friends killed a 13 year old girl in a hit-and-run . . .
One of my sons is a senior in high school and a friend of his who is in a couple of his classes is now in jail. I really don't know how the friend hit the girl, but I suspect that it was distracted driving. A 13 year old is dead and a 17 year old will now be in jail for awhile. The strange thing is that the girl was walking home with her brother on a very busy street that doesn't have a sidewalk. I'm not defending the 17 year old kid at all, but I found myself thinking, "who would let their 13 year old daughter walk home from school along a busy street with no sidewalk?" As for the hit and run, just an incredibly stupid decision. I assume that the kid panicked and fled. Extremely sad situation. Suffice it to say, my wife and I had a long talk with our kids last night about all the lessons to be learned from this.



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