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Oct 10, 2018
BYU71 All-American
Sorry, but all this Bronco love now is illusionary. Go back and read
quotes from Bronco about what was needed for him as a coach at BYU to stay competitive. At first he was telling everyone the Utah move to the PAC12
wasn't going to change anything. Still could compete recruiting wise, which is really where it is at. Kyle constantly is saying recruiting is the name of the game.
IT ISN"T PLAYER DEVELOPMENT!! You don't take a bunch of 2-3 star players and turn them into 3-4 star players. Some yes, but a good football team needs to be deep and that isn't the development of say 10 players.

Go back and see why Bronco left and figure out why coaches left with him. Which one of you would stay in a job that was sticking with postal mail when others were going to e-mail?

Fans get to do what fans get to do. You are dreaming though if you think Kalani and staff should be canned and we will go out and hire someone who will get us back to where we once were.

If we want 8-4 seasons regulary, let's go back to the MWC. If we want the money, let's keep doing what we are doing, but for heck sakes lighten up on the players and coaches.
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