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Nov 7, 2018
Ode to Hoy All-American
Cougar Club Luncheon today at LES. My chicken scratch.
Women's Basketball, Jeff Judkins:

Two players spoke. Hawaii (Jasmine Moody) & New Zealand (Shalae Salmon). Jasmine spoke about having a cyst on her ankle that was removed but she is doing well now and ready for the season.

Jeff: Only one thing he asked of the CC members in attendance (and to an extension all of us in the area) Get to the games. The girls deserve it. come out and watch the games, the more people there the greater the energy.

The team currently has 6 foreign players

3 New Zealand
2 Brazil
1 Sweden

3 are members of the LDS Church, 3 are not. However 2 are taking discussions currently.

Word is getting out and opening more recruiting doors.

Have a very deep team this year. They went 4-0 on the Europe trip over the summer playing against professional teams.

Football, Ed Lamb:

Imagine some fans here that are optimistic, frustrated and embarrassed. We are as well as a coaching staff.

Rhett Almond: his family bleeds blue.

Andrew Mikkelson: 9th child to come to BYU his parents met here and got married. He played running back in HS, but as in an accident, in which negated him playing full contact positions in football which is why he made the switch to kicking so he can keep playing Football.

Mitch Harris: long snapper. He joked about being a long snapper and how it is the least cool position on the team. Neat story of how he had not planned to play football. Came to BYU with no scholarship, while here decided to try and be a walk-on at BYU, watched YouTube videos, studied up and practiced long-snapping. The coaching staff was very impressed with him during his tryout and is now on the team with a scholarship.

Why can we run against Wisky and not NIU? We have to be able to run the ball against all opponents in all situations.

Last possession of BSU. Who calls the plays coaches or players? The last several or so plays they were all RPOs.

What is causing the drop off in the Red Zone? We were doing real well until the last two games. This has to be remedied and is not acceptable.

Butch Paua: Butch is not 100% yet. Is slowly progressing back. Butch has been playing more and more each week.

Corbin: Feels that he will go to the NFL as an LB. Has been talking to scouts and that is where they are looking at him to play as he is quick for his size. He would be a very tall LB in the NFL if that were to happy.

Beu Hodge: had a minor surgery (bunion) that has kept him from playing at his 100% potential.

The best players deserve to play in the game. Letting the depth dictate who plays.

(This last question had to have been asked by someone here on CB). Is there any negative effect on the team when Boney Fuller doesn't tweet? Lamb did not give much of an answer. A little strange.

In all, it was a good CC Luncheon. You could tell that Coach Lamb is not happy with things currently. He seemed a little tense and made a few comments such as "For those of you complaining, come on out to practice and see if you can traject where a Football will land after you kick it". In answer to a guy that asked why has the kicking team been kicking it out of bonds recently and getting penalties?".

I thought most of the questions were reasonable, some people asked some dumb ones IMO. But all in all, it was good. If Coach Lamb and the players today are a microcosm of the team than as I felt it, they know there is a lot of work to do to get Bowl eligible this year.

The highlight IMO for this one, Tucanos catered, and Coach Judkins was great as always.

If anyone else on here attending, please feel free to add as I know I did not get it all. Tucanos distracted me for a bit.



"You are a pizza burn on the roof of the Worlds Mouth" - Troy Barnes.

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