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Mar 14, 2019
buckeyecougarguy All-American
7-4 was pretty tricky. I always thought you had to just run fast through a long
course, but theres actually a certain path/direction you have to take to advance. Once you know the path it was pretty easy, but that was a hurdle. Bowser at the end throwing a low flame and a high hammer was really difficult and I think i just had to get lucky to go over the flame but underneath him.

It was nice. I had just lost in our stake basketball tournament and was in a mood where i couldn't sleep so i just took it out on mario brothers. I couldn't believe how far I got because I was always getting stopped at the same castle every time i played but just had a break through and everything was working. If only the young me knew how old i would look by the time i beat that game. lol.



“Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck.”
-Joss Whedon
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