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Apr 15, 2019
StalwartBraveTrue All-American
CB isn't the general population. It'd guess the demographics go something like
this: (those who post/vote in polls)
Age - 20-60 (+/- 2 SD)
Sex-Male: >90%
Education: College + (median)
Grades in HS: >3.2 (median)
Married with kids: >90%
Number of kids: 4(median)
Income: 75%-ile (median)
Participated in organized sports as a teen: >90%
Participated in HS sports (9-12) grade: >80%
Live West of the Continental divide: >75%
West of Mississippi: >90%
Own a car older than 2010: >60%
Can, today, drive two cars into and out of a 2 car garage at the same time: <30%
Own a towable vehicle (RV, camper, boat, ATV/UTV): >60%
Own/owned at least 50% of Star Wars films in one form or another (VHS/DVD/Beta-Max/BD/Digital): >50%
Wears non-white shirts to church on a regular basis: <30%
Follows Boney Fuller on Twitter: <55%
Has uttered the phrase to a loved one: "You can't wear that color to a BYU game" (or some derivation): >87%

As you can see. Not the normal distribution of folks.
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