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May 14, 2019
Bonoman All-American
I keep wondering whether this season could have used a couple of more episodes or not.....(Spoilers)

I am not sure whether more episodes would have made a difference or if a quick end is the best. Things are just so rushed and there are so many leaps in storytelling:

  • Dany finally figuring out how to ride a dragon after losing two to sharp pointy things
  • The Iron fleet getting easily torched
  • Euron swimming to shore and dying at Jamie's hand (literally one hand)
  • The Golden Company getting blown off the face of the earth
  • Unsullied and Dothraki survivors numbering more than we would have ever guessed.
  • Clegane Bowl feeling so forced
  • Jamie and Cersie coming to an anticlimactic end

....but in the end I am not sure the writers had the chops to keep this going and end it more completely. You can only live off a better talent (GRRM) and his story for so long. It was his brilliance that brought this to life and IMO it needs to be his brilliance to end it. I felt once the show strayed from the original books for good it was never on solid footing. It had great moments and some of the episodes were good/great, but there have been some others that were just filler at times.

Don't get me wrong, the show has been great and has put faces to the names I have read about for many years. It has added to the drama and intrigue the books weave so well. I am glad HBO produced it and I have enjoyed it. 

In the end, maybe I am just having problems with it coming to an end in a less than satisfying way. Not sure what I want, but this isn't it.

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