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May 15, 2019
JohnnyComeLately Warden of the North
The Jordan pushoff is a great example.
Plenty of CBers still complain about that. As I said in the linked thread, I personally am over it. But I stated many still in Calgary are still upset over it 15 years later.

In real time man could say Jordan did not appear to push off, same as the goal didn’t appear to cross the line. In a replay it’s pretty obvious he pushed off, same as that goal was obviously across the line.

Yes the flames still had 5 min to hold off the Lightning, list the same as Jordan still had to sink that shot.

But had it been called an offensive foul it would have been just as big as if that goal had been called in.

Can definitely understand why fans still feel bitter over it.

And once again why I am empathetic for those fans who feel they were cheated this year.
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